Overview of Bluehost cPanel

Bluehost is a popular web hosting site which uses cPanel for managing and handling multiple web hosting options. It is of critical importance to understand how the cPanel works for smooth hosting of the website as well as ensure user-friendly control. The cPanel of Bluehost comprises of versatile sections with each taking care of group of links related to each other. Understanding the cPanel is easy but it is required to spare sometime for it.


Understanding the Bluehost DashBoard

The Dashboard is a one stop destination of managing the entire website and a thorough understanding of the same is required for website control. The Dashboard is divided into multiple sections and each sections comprises of multiple links depicted with link name and symbol to make it user-friendly. Let us see step by step sectional arrangement of Bluehost Dashboard or Cpanel.

The first section of the represent is dedicated for special offers provided by either Bluehost or other partners. It includes links like WordPress Themes, Amazon Website Templates, SiteLock link etc and makes offers easily viewable. It also includes any bluehost coupon link for new users. Next Section is dedicated to links link billing system, account add-ons etc and customer support to resolve any problem. Clicking on the support links helps you connect to support agent instantly and also the section helps you track the bills and payments made. Tutorials make a web host site easy to use and manage the website well which is why the third section consists of links dedicated to tutorials.

E-mail Sync and Mail related Links

The next section of the Dashboard consists of multiple links related to setting up of e-mail, link for spam assassin, auto-responders, filtering of account level etc and helps in connecting to e-mail account. By clicking on the Email Accounts icon, the user can set up email by typing in the name and choosing the domain from the simple drag down option. The user can choose between 250MBor unlimited quota of e-mail depending on the requirement and also a password is required. This helps in managing the emails that are connected to the website or domain. With the help of E-mail forwarders you can forward all the emails to one account from multiple accounts for the convenience of mail follow up. Choosing the domain forwarder option one can also forward all emails from domain to domain.

Adding Domains on the Website

It is very easy to add domains to the website by simply clicking on the icon Addon Domains and the best part is ability to add multiples sites under one host umbrella. The first domain chosen at the time of account set-up is the main or top domain and gradually you can add more domains which are called Addon Domains. Option available for adding domain is found under Domain section of Dashboard.

SEO Tools, Security and Files

There is a section that consists of multiple SEO tools for helping in Google Ranking through SEO assistance. It has a link for free SEO consultation for complete guidance. Security section has four links for enhancing the security of the website. Under the files there are icons which help in better file management as well as create backups. The file manager icon under the files section helps in easy upload, edit and managing of files. On clicking the file manager, a pop up box questions about location about opening file manager and you can choose accordingly.

Analysing the Stats

While running a website the most important thing is analysing the stats and tracking the performance of the website. The Logs section of the Cpanel helps in understanding and navigating the stats and gives a complete overview of web page stats. Awstats gives a overall statistics of website performance and by clicking on the latest visitors icon, it is easy to get details of visitors to your website.

Pros and Cons of SiteGround Web Hosting

Web hosting have always been a confusing issue with whoever wants to host a website for the first time; out of plenty of companies the newbies barely get to choose the first one with much accuracy. SiteGround has been serving in the web hosting industry for more than a decade now, and their reputation is very good if that’s anyone’s concern. SiteGround is a UK based company with great features like a range of practical shared hosting plans, dedicated servers, VPS and cloud hosting etc. There are great competitors against the market share of SiteGround, but no other has exactly the solutions that SiteGround provides.


Pricing and Plans

The pricing and plans are much different from SiteGround; they have three tiers in each shared and dedicated hosting plans. Features offered in the shared hosting plans are quite cheap, you can try SiteGround coupons to get 70% off. Here’s a simple breakdown of the shared and dedicated hosting plans.

Shared Hosting Plans

There are three tiers offered in the SiteGround shared hosting plans; the initial tier is StartUp, basically designed to provide the newbies with a great start in web hosting. The monthly fee for this plan is $6.95/month. One website domain is included within this plan and bandwidth for 10,000 monthly visits is allocated. For $9.95/month the GrowBig plan is the mid-tier. There are multiple domain allocation, 20 GB of hard drive space and bandwidth for around 25,000 monthly visits. The highest tier plan costs $14.95/month and the features are 30 GB HDD space, multiple website domains, 100,000 monthly visits etc.

Dedicated Web Hosting Plans

Three tiers are available for the dedicated plans as well – Entry Server, Power Server and Enterprise Server. These titles are self-explanatory; yet a brief description should be provided –

  • Entry Server: Computer infrastructures under the Entry Server plan are built on Intel Xeon E3-1230 quad core CPU. 5 TB monthly bandwidth and 4 GB DDR3 RAM is provided on each system for $229/month.
  • Power Server: The CPU on these servers are Intel Xeon E3-1270 quad core with 16 GB DDR3 RAM, 1 TB SATA II HDD and 5 TB bandwidth. The monthly fees for the Power Servers are $329/month.
  • Enterprise Server: The highest tier of dedicated servers from SiteGround service offers 2 Intel Xeon E5-2620 CPU with 16GB DDR3 RAM and 4×500 GB SATA II hard drives, or RAID 10. Monthly bandwidth for this plan is 5 TB, and the price is $429/month.

Pros and Cons

So apparently, the pricing is very much user friendly and so it the user interface and management, as per the user reviews on the internet. What are the pros and cons of the service, ever recorded so far?



  • The hard drive space on all shared and dedicated plans are on the lower side.
  • Shared hosting plans aren’t offered on month-to-month basis.
  • Only Linux OS based, no Windows option.


By exact figures, comparison between the price and the features might seem slightly overpriced; but the perfect customer service and solid security are something totally worth of the added amount.

How to enable SSL in WP Engine web hosting

For any site owner the security has always been the top most priority. On this context, you have to take care of many issues. However, if it is asked about the most fundamental part on this context, then certainly it would be the hosting company. WP Engine web hosting is always important in making it safe from the bugs. Tip: Always use WP Engine coupons while buying web hosting plans. It will save you good chunk of money.

Wp Engine coupons and review

However, through the SSL certificate one can actually make a channel for getting linked between server and client. There are various reasons available for better security. Most important part is that the entire piece of communication data here is encrypted. This leaves absolutely no scope for someone to unethically practice your information.

Enable SSL in WP Engine web hosting [Free Class 1 Certificate from StartSSL]

1 It may take a little more time in comparison. However you can definitely achieve your target through it.

2  Visit StartSSL.com

3 Sign up there, and hit on the Control Panel at the left part of the navigation.

4 You can find Express Lane button, hit on it.

5 Put your complete name, contact information, phone number and mail address.

6 Now, hit the continue option.

7 You can now find verification code from StartSSL at your mail.

8 Check the mail, and copy the code over display and hit continue.

9 Now, hit the install option.

Hence, the certificate has been made available over the browser. It means, in future anytime you can visit StartSSL.com, and you can get spontaneously logged in over your account.

10 Now you can take the backup of the certificate from the helps available over the FAQ panel. This is the exclusive way of logging into StartSSL control panel. After it, click on the Continue option.

It’s time to check the ownership.

11 Put the domain name for which the certificate has to be made.

12 Hit the Continue button.

13 Pick the verification mail ID, and then click over Continue button.

14 As the verification code appears again, put the code and hit the continue option.

15 Upon being made the verification, you can hit the Continue option.

16 The top navigation options like Tool Box appear on your way this time. As we have to create certificate for authenticated domain, hence click the Certificates Wizard.

17 Pick the Web Server SSL/TLS Certificate option, and hit continue.

18 Now create the private key, and put the key password and confirm.

19 Click on the continue option now.

20 As the private key is made, copy the content from textbox over the notepad and save as ssl.key.txt. Make sure you work with notepad.

21 Now click on Continue.

22 Go with the domain for which you wish t make the certificate and next hit the continue option.

23 Now provide the sub domain name.

Your sub domain name can be random.

24 Next, hit the Continue.

25 Again hit continue option.

As the certificate appears, there might be some errors, but ignore it as you can have certificate over your mail soon.

To have the certificate, visit the Tool Box.

26 Hit the Retrieve Certificate option.

27 Pick the certificate domain, and click Continue option.

As the certificate appears, copy it over text box through notepad and save as ssl.crt.txt.

28 Now visit Tool Box, hit the Decrypt Private Key option.

Put the private key that you saved in ssl.crt.txt.

Now you have to put the passphrase that you used while making the private key.

29 Now  Hit the Decrypt option.

30 Now save the decrypted key in to plainssl.key.txt.

Ultimately we have to download a couple of StartCom CA Certificates.

31Hence, visit StartCom Root CA [PEM encoded].

32 You have to download Class 1 Intermediate Server CA certificate as well.

33 Next you have to deal with both the files. Hence open ca.pem and sub.class1.server.ca.pem over the notepad.

You have to open another file in notepad as well.

34 You have to copy entire content of ca.pem file over a new file first.

Next instead of hitting any key, you have to copy the content of sub.class1.server.ca.pem over the new file.

It means, you are joining both the files in a single file.

Now save the fresh file over as Ca-Crt.pem.

That’s all about the steps for you. You are having all that you wish from the StartSSL. It’s time to make the entire certificate over the WP Engine hosting.

Transfer WordPress Blog from One Hosting Provider to Another

WordPress is the most effective way of blogging on a website platform and almost all hosting platforms providing easy to install WordPress installation facility.  However, not all business deal goes sweet all around. Sometimes, if you don’t get your desired output you have to put a hold to your existing business partner collaboration and move on to a new one. Same goes with hosting providers, you may feel that things are not quite right.

Wordpress Blog

If you must change your web hosting provider, then you have to transfer all your contents to a new server. This is tad bit lengthy process depending on the amount of contents you have on your websites. However, modern technology makes the migration process easier through wizard-like processes. Note that in most cases, the hosting provider will not do the migration task for you. It doesn’t fall in a service trouble category thus expect no troubleshooting assistance from their end.

Here are the easier steps to carry out the transferring process.

  1. Backup All WordPress Data Using Myadmin

A transfer is a crucial process and to make it risk free, creating a backup is highly recommended. Using the phpMyAdmin script, backing up all WordPress data is quite easy and less time consuming. First step, find the database containing your WordPress files and contents. There should be an ‘Export’ button on the top navigation pane. Select the export method you prefer – SQL should already be selected as the format, keep it that way. Click on the ‘Go’ button, the MyAdmin console will take the backup and when done, the user will be prompted to save the file in their computer.

  1. Use FTP For Downloading And Uploading Of Files

First step saves the WordPress database in *.sql format, the next step is to save all files and folders from the previous host’s server. FTP servers are highly useful for such file transfers; FileZilla is the required software for this process. However, you have to manually download the .htaccess file by unhiding files in FileZilla window, then downloading it. Without the .htaccess file, the permalinks in your WordPress blog will not work on your new host.

  1. New WordPress Database

A new database should be created using the MySQL Databases inside your new web host. Make sure you fill in the information with relevant information for your existing blog – this will make referencing easier. Check the privileges as they were in your previous host.

And the wp-config file should be edited like the following picture –

  1. Import The Database You Saved

You have to now import the WordPress database into your new web host using phpMyAdmin or BigDump which you saved from your previous host in step 1. Click on ‘Import’ on the top navigation pane, find the .sql format file and click ‘Go’ to upload the file.

Your WordPress blog should now be usable on your new web host server.


Moving a WordPress blog to a new host is easy; however get expert help if you are not comfortable in doing it by yourself. And for better deals in web host, use hosting coupons to test the hosting packages your like for discounted rates.

Is Shared Web hosting right and Enough for You?

Like starting with a definition, we all know web hosting is basically of three types. Those are Shared, VPS, and dedicated. To be very straight, shared hosting is like a fresher’s option. But, don’t go like a text book bug that a dedicated hosting is meant for business organizations. You should understand the point so that you can get great results through shared hosting, and it is preferred in terms of finance as well.

shared hosting

Shared web hosting is powerful enough for most business sites

Basic Characteristics:

Shared hosting basically means many accounts are hosted through a single server. Now things are quite apparent that your hosting cost reduces by this mean. The kind of service has some impact over the efficiency of a plan. The functional parts those support web connectivity, even the processors, should be owed by the OS as it is important for you. For highly traffic driving sites it is certainly required to have much efficient hardware. The situation becomes challenging when there is another site within your shared server that also drags enough traffic.

Shared Hosting is beneficial in these cases:

  • First of all, you must understand the need of your web presence. In many cases a static page and CMS is enough to do your job. Hence, a shared hosting plan is more than enough for you in these cases, as the size of the data to be presented is much lower to be handled by the server.
  • Don’t stick with the stupidity that high traffic solely means a dedicated server is needed. If the same content is driving more traffic, or if your site presents exclusive useful information that is obvious to drag traffic, then shared hosting is sufficient. Remember, it is all about data fetching.
  • In other case, if you are a new blogger and there is less chance of huge traffic drive initially, but you have to keep on providing contents in bulk, then also shared hosting is recommended for you.

    How secure is shared hosting:

Yes, protection has been always an issue for any business. To be frank, shared hosting is not recommended as tight security type as many accounts are kept over one server. For shared hosting Bluehost is really good option and most important is that you can get discount on Bluehost hosting plans anytime with Bluehost coupons. In case of VPS, much more revamped techniques are applied to distinguish the accounts, and in case of dedicated it is completely separated.

Tips to ensure best security with shared hosting:

Still if you want to stick with shared hosting, or if security is an issue for you for a certain period of time, then there re dedicated services available for it. For example, if you want to conduct an exam, or want a payment system over your web, then you can go with the specialised application providers, or service providers those take the whole responsibility for the confined period. Going with costly dedicated plans is not recommended as high data drive is for a certain days.

Sleek Shared hosting:

In addition, shared hosting is quite easy handle as well. If your business involves updates once after huge gaps, then you really don’t need to go with comparatively expensive options. In fact, you are not straight involved for the server that hosts your site. Hence, your work, and expense gets reduced and you can focus over marketing like stuffs. You can get 50% discount on Bluehost cyber Monday sale. Don’t miss it at any cost.

However, going with shared hosting you must keep it in mind that the service provider should have the dig at your operating system, handling the upgrades, and all those maintenance needed for a server.

Three Rules to Follow For Choosing Right Web Hosting

How often you consider floating your own website to begin your journey as an entrepreneur. It seems all too easy for someone who does not have many ideas about the internet marketplace. To start up with your own website you just need a registered domain address, hosting platform and of course hosting space. Space is the most important of all of them and needs to be thoroughly observed. Many of the beginners tend to struggle with the hosting space, but to be honest you just need to follow the basic rules. There are three basic rules for choosing the right web hosting partner and these cannot go wrong at any stage. Here are the three rules that are apt for choosing right web hosting.

Web Hosting

Know the Provider

People tend to rush behind the services which are cheap and appealingly advertised. However, this could be a blunder. You know that there are many service providers that offer FREE service. There is no doubt that it creates adrenaline rush and typically approach them for web hosting. But in most of the cases, these are only static pages that they offer. One thing that you should make sure that you must not opt for the static page even if it is for free. Ultimately you need to move to different web hosting as it will not serve any purpose. The static pages do not allow you to uses your own programming languages and scripts. You must check the performance of the web hosting service. If frequent outages are reported then it is better to be away from it even it is cheap.


Never comprise with the security of the service. You need to make sure that the security they provide is of top class. We are now living in an era where cyber crime has increased a lot. Hackers are always looking for opportunities to breach and hijack your website. Top organizations have also suffered same problems in recent years. So, try to have maximum security to ensure your data and information is safe and secure. Try to get all the details they are offerings from the security perspective. If you are satisfied enough then you can go ahead with the web hosting service.

Realize the Future

You must understand and respect the future and it should be reflected while choosing the hosting service as well. You may start off as a small startup today, but you will move on and get bigger. The more you grow, the more features you require. With the expansion, you will also require more space and ensure that your web hosting service has the provisions. Adding more features like Live Chats and others will be value added to your website and you must ensure that you can have them at a later point of time.

These three rules are considered as the bloodline of choosing the web hosting service. So, if you are confused with the right web hosting then simply follow these.

10 Tips for Switching from One Web Host to Another

An exit strategy is the first and foremost thing a web hosting company should have. In real world businesses, deals don’t always go sweet and during the sour moments, goodbyes need to be said. When such occurrences happen and switching the web host is absolutely necessary, some tips should be followed to ensure the same mistake does not keep happening. We have studied the common reasons of people ditching their existing web hosts and switching to a new one, which lead us to compiling 10 tips.

Move WordPress

  1. Is The New One Worthy?

Switching from one web host to another involves a lot of works. Transferring a whole system and their contents to another service provider’s server could be very difficult, depending on the size of your website. Make sure all these hassle you take for the new website hosting company are worth them.

  1. Purchase a New Host

Before you make the move, purchase a new web host. Evaluate the newer one by comparing it with all the sour experiences you had with the previous web host. Make the switch only if the new web host is a vast improvement over the previous one. Look out for the bandwidth, storage space and costs.

  1. Storage Amount

The storage space offered is important. Find out the way your hosting company measures storage capacity. Do they just define ‘unlimited’ or there’s a specific amount of storage space declared in their brochures? One with everything declared tends to be the better one.

  1. Operating System

Server operating system is important to run scripts, plugins and add-ons on the web servers. Windows servers are usually pricey where the Linux based servers are inexpensive; offers more flexibility at the same time.

  1. Bandwidth

Is the bandwidth same or you are switching to a higher bandwidth policy? The new web hosting company should offer better bandwidth policy and clearly state how many users share the same amount of bandwidth. Transparency is the key.


  1. FrontPage

If you use FrontPage for developing websites, then make sure the new web host also supports the same version of FrontPage you use. Otherwise, there will be conflicting consequences.

  1. Email Accounts and Auto-responders

Web hosts usually provide email accounts and auto-responders in ample amount. Inexpensive ones might provide this feature in a smaller scale, but they do. Assess what does the new web hosting company do about this issue.

  1. E-Commerce Friendliness

If the plan is to launch an online shopping store; the web host must be able to handle such traffic and manage the orders effectively. Third party shopping cart plugins and an advanced CMS alone can handle every challenge; the web server only needs to accommodate the compatibility features.


  1. File Transfer Permission

This is the most crucial point to consider. Does the new web host allow its users to transfer files from previous web hosting server to the new web hosting server? You can’t continue any further if file transfer between hosts is not allowed.


  1. Pricing

New web host should offer better pricing policy. The cost doesn’t necessarily have to be less, but the money you pay should make a good return. Look for hosting coupons to avail discounts, if there is any.



To switch from one hosting server to another, these are the basic points to remember. For any more consultancy, refer to the web hosting company’s customer support service.

HostGator Black Friday 2014: Best Gift of the Black Friday

Most of us know that black Friday is the day after the Thanksgiving day. Are you waiting for the best deal of the black Friday? Then HostGator black Friday is one of them! If you are blogger or planning to but any web hosting plan or domains, you better know the special offers and various discounts on HostGator black Friday. You can grab a special offer of up to 75% discount through these web hosting plans.

HostGator is known as one of the best web hosting service provider since it was started in 2002. They are famous throughout the world for their well designed web hosting plans. They have come with some exciting new plans and best in the world HostGator coupons for all the years.


At first, the features of HostGator Web Hosting are been discussed here.


  • Unlimited Space: HostGator web hosting provides unlimited disk space for their various hosting plans. This allows you to host unlimited number of several content like image files, videos, data files and others.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: You can get unlimited bandwidth while using the HostGator hosting account.
  • Unlimited Sub-domains: HostGator web hosting has a special plan for those who need to host a big number of sub-domains. It allows you to host unlimited numbers of websites via your account.
  • Unlimited email and FTP accounts: You can manage unlimited numbers of emails and FTP accounts as well.
  • Money Back Guarantee: When you know that the company provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee, you can surely rely on them.
  • 24 Hours high quality Customer Support: HostGator web hosting company helps its customers with 24×7 high quality customer supporting staff.
  • Simple Plans for New Users: If you are a new user and confused about the several web hosting plans available on the web hosting market, you should have a look at the simple plans of HostGator created for the newbies.

Offers of HostGator black Friday: In order to get a discount from HostGator on the black Friday, the customer has to go through a simple procedure. Now, you can get 75% discount on HostGator Black Friday sale. If you want to get some discount, you just have to visit the homepage of HostGator and select a web hosting plan (any plan which is suitable for your purpose), there you will find a link saying “Click on the above link to Get 75% Discount”, click on it. A new page will appear where you have to give all the required information.

HostGator black Friday deal will start on 29th November, 2014 and this deal is valid only for the new customers. If you already have bought a web hosting plan, you can’t use this offer by renewing it.

DreamHost: The Reliable and Pocket Friendly Web Hosting Service

Back in 1996, Dreamhost started its journey to encourage entrepreneurs and web based developers to have a web site of their own, hosted on Dreamhost hosting servers. The network was built by the geeks as they claim of themselves, and for the geeks. That is their company motto and they have always conducted the business with trustworthy and ultra-reliable features. The basic goals of a web hosting service is fulfilled quite successfully, you are likely to not have any complaint about Dreamhost. However, Dreamhost customer service is not totally up to the standards resulting in few negative Dreamhost reviews across the internet. Apart from this part, they’re just good to give a try.

dreamhost hosting

How the Company Began

Dreamhost headquarters is located at California, United States. Their data centers are located across three different cities on the same country and they are Ashburn, Downtown Los Angeles and Irvine. So as you can see, it’s an American company founded by four computer science college graduates. The company was founded by Dallas Bethune, Michael Rodriguez, Josh Jones and Sage Weil on 1996 and they were fresh graduates from Harvey Mudd College. Dreamhost is registered as a web hosting company for the hobbyist website owners, entrepreneurs and small and middle scale enterprise owners.

The company had gone through major facelifts over time and few additions as well. For example, their Files Forever service was launched on 2006 which was intended to be a permanent file storage solution for the Dreamhost customers. DreamCompute is another venture by the same company which is basically a cloud computing platform. The list doesn’t end here; there are more such as DreamObjects, the hosted storage facility from Dreamhost.


Depending on your needs, choose any hosting options from the shared, VPN and dedicated hosting options from Dreamhost. Apart from these typical hosting options, there’s another recently initiated service named DreamPress service; basically an easier WordPress platform for the beginners.

  • The shared hosting plans cost $8.95 and they offer unlimited storage space, bandwidth, domain, email accounts, MySQL databases etc. Apply Dreamhost coupon to reduce the first year hosting pricing.
  • Dreamhost VPS hosting plan prices range between $15 to $200 and you can choose your configuration to suit your needs.
  • Dedicated hosting plans are basically for enterprises and their prices can go as high as $249 per month, or as less as $109 per month. There are 6 plans offering servers of different configuration.
  • Speaking of DreamPress, it comes only for $24.95. However the promotion price is $19.95.

You can avail discounts if you have Dreamhost coupons.

Customer Service

So, few Dreamhost reviews have gone bad just because those customers weren’t happy with customer service. The customer care is basically US based for the phone assistance which comes for $9.95 for three months. The 24/7 email and live chat support comes for free though; if that is enough to assist you. The company doesn’t believe in having a customer care hotline so you have to lodge a call back request by logging into the control panel.

Most common problems and cases are solved over the Dreamhost Wiki.


Even though there are few drawbacks, considering the lesser amount of money you have to pay, Dreamhost web hosting service is completely worth your money.

Cloud Hosting & CDN Services for Web Developers

When it comes to web hosting services, we only think of hosting under a standard way. But, working online has its perks and you can save a whole lot of trouble and make things right at the very beginning by creating virtual server farms around the world for specific file downloads and internet access. By following the method of locating at requesting servers in different countries, you can deliver the files more easily and using less resources in the long run.

cloud hosting image one

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. Using CDN, webmasters can store alternate static files in different regions of the globe. When the requests are made, the server responds according to their locations (IP Address) and sends the delivered files faster. Also, with CDN you can easily store lots of files online in the cloud and share them with our friends later on.

Why Should You Use Content Delivery Networks?

Websites with large community and high-traffic ratings are often overloaded by the benefits of file downloading. Take Filehippo.com for example. They’ve a huge load of web-traffic all around the world and they use CDN services to speed up their download processes.

Best CDN Web Services

To ease your search we’ve created a list that’ll showcase 5 of the most amazing CDN which provides excellent service. Some of them are pretty expensive while others have few more features and services. Check them out.

  1. CloudFlare

CloudFlare offers a great service but in terms of pricing they’re quite high. But, they do offer a free plan. You can try out their free plan just to get some practical idea of how CDN works. They provide great security and 24/7 support to resolve all of your problems.

  1. Cachefly

Being pricey has its price, and you’re paying $100/month (starting account) to enjoy the professional CDN service as well as you’ll be joining the community of other big dogs like Microsoft, Cartoon Network and Adobe.

  1. Windows Azure

Windows Azure offers a great cloud hosting services with 90-day free trial along with basic features. You can give Azure a shot since it provides 20GB CDN Bandwidth and 35GB of storage.

cloud hosting image two

  1. Google App Engine

Google is offering this service for a long period of time. With Google’s App Engine (which is totally free), you can store and share files via online. Plus, it offers storing different apps under their tight security. Google also provides a step-by-step guide for all the newcomers to create CDN repository.

  1. Rackspace

It offers multiple locations to host your files online with a direct connection to different regions of the world. Also, Rackspace offers the programmers to use their own Cloud Files API to build their own interface. Design the interface and store large part of your files. In terms of pricing, Rackspace cut out a great bargain for their customers. They’re providing $0.10 per GB per month. If you’ve loads of huge files, you can use huge performance from Rackspace within $4-5.