Transfer WordPress Blog from One Hosting Provider to Another

WordPress is the most effective way of blogging on a website platform and almost all hosting platforms providing easy to install WordPress installation facility.  However, not all business deal goes sweet all around. Sometimes, if you don’t get your desired output you have to put a hold to your existing business partner collaboration and move on to a new one. Same goes with hosting providers, you may feel that things are not quite right.

Wordpress Blog

If you must change your web hosting provider, then you have to transfer all your contents to a new server. This is tad bit lengthy process depending on the amount of contents you have on your websites. However, modern technology makes the migration process easier through wizard-like processes. Note that in most cases, the hosting provider will not do the migration task for you. It doesn’t fall in a service trouble category thus expect no troubleshooting assistance from their end.

Here are the easier steps to carry out the transferring process.

  1. Backup All WordPress Data Using Myadmin

A transfer is a crucial process and to make it risk free, creating a backup is highly recommended. Using the phpMyAdmin script, backing up all WordPress data is quite easy and less time consuming. First step, find the database containing your WordPress files and contents. There should be an ‘Export’ button on the top navigation pane. Select the export method you prefer – SQL should already be selected as the format, keep it that way. Click on the ‘Go’ button, the MyAdmin console will take the backup and when done, the user will be prompted to save the file in their computer.

  1. Use FTP For Downloading And Uploading Of Files

First step saves the WordPress database in *.sql format, the next step is to save all files and folders from the previous host’s server. FTP servers are highly useful for such file transfers; FileZilla is the required software for this process. However, you have to manually download the .htaccess file by unhiding files in FileZilla window, then downloading it. Without the .htaccess file, the permalinks in your WordPress blog will not work on your new host.

  1. New WordPress Database

A new database should be created using the MySQL Databases inside your new web host. Make sure you fill in the information with relevant information for your existing blog – this will make referencing easier. Check the privileges as they were in your previous host.

And the wp-config file should be edited like the following picture –

  1. Import The Database You Saved

You have to now import the WordPress database into your new web host using phpMyAdmin or BigDump which you saved from your previous host in step 1. Click on ‘Import’ on the top navigation pane, find the .sql format file and click ‘Go’ to upload the file.

Your WordPress blog should now be usable on your new web host server.


Moving a WordPress blog to a new host is easy; however get expert help if you are not comfortable in doing it by yourself. And for better deals in web host, use hosting coupons to test the hosting packages your like for discounted rates.