Cloud Hosting & CDN Services for Web Developers

When it comes to web hosting services, we only think of hosting under a standard way. But, working online has its perks and you can save a whole lot of trouble and make things right at the very beginning by creating virtual server farms around the world for specific file downloads and internet access. By following the method of locating at requesting servers in different countries, you can deliver the files more easily and using less resources in the long run.

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CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. Using CDN, webmasters can store alternate static files in different regions of the globe. When the requests are made, the server responds according to their locations (IP Address) and sends the delivered files faster. Also, with CDN you can easily store lots of files online in the cloud and share them with our friends later on.

Why Should You Use Content Delivery Networks?

Websites with large community and high-traffic ratings are often overloaded by the benefits of file downloading. Take for example. They’ve a huge load of web-traffic all around the world and they use CDN services to speed up their download processes.

Best CDN Web Services

To ease your search we’ve created a list that’ll showcase 5 of the most amazing CDN which provides excellent service. Some of them are pretty expensive while others have few more features and services. Check them out.

  1. CloudFlare

CloudFlare offers a great service but in terms of pricing they’re quite high. But, they do offer a free plan. You can try out their free plan just to get some practical idea of how CDN works. They provide great security and 24/7 support to resolve all of your problems.

  1. Cachefly

Being pricey has its price, and you’re paying $100/month (starting account) to enjoy the professional CDN service as well as you’ll be joining the community of other big dogs like Microsoft, Cartoon Network and Adobe.

  1. Windows Azure

Windows Azure offers a great cloud hosting services with 90-day free trial along with basic features. You can give Azure a shot since it provides 20GB CDN Bandwidth and 35GB of storage.

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  1. Google App Engine

Google is offering this service for a long period of time. With Google’s App Engine (which is totally free), you can store and share files via online. Plus, it offers storing different apps under their tight security. Google also provides a step-by-step guide for all the newcomers to create CDN repository.

  1. Rackspace

It offers multiple locations to host your files online with a direct connection to different regions of the world. Also, Rackspace offers the programmers to use their own Cloud Files API to build their own interface. Design the interface and store large part of your files. In terms of pricing, Rackspace cut out a great bargain for their customers. They’re providing $0.10 per GB per month. If you’ve loads of huge files, you can use huge performance from Rackspace within $4-5.