How to enable SSL in WP Engine web hosting

For any site owner the security has always been the top most priority. On this context, you have to take care of many issues. However, if it is asked about the most fundamental part on this context, then certainly it would be the hosting company. WP Engine web hosting is always important in making it safe from the bugs. Tip: Always use WP Engine coupons while buying web hosting plans. It will save you good chunk of money.

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However, through the SSL certificate one can actually make a channel for getting linked between server and client. There are various reasons available for better security. Most important part is that the entire piece of communication data here is encrypted. This leaves absolutely no scope for someone to unethically practice your information.

Enable SSL in WP Engine web hosting [Free Class 1 Certificate from StartSSL]

1 It may take a little more time in comparison. However you can definitely achieve your target through it.

2  Visit

3 Sign up there, and hit on the Control Panel at the left part of the navigation.

4 You can find Express Lane button, hit on it.

5 Put your complete name, contact information, phone number and mail address.

6 Now, hit the continue option.

7 You can now find verification code from StartSSL at your mail.

8 Check the mail, and copy the code over display and hit continue.

9 Now, hit the install option.

Hence, the certificate has been made available over the browser. It means, in future anytime you can visit, and you can get spontaneously logged in over your account.

10 Now you can take the backup of the certificate from the helps available over the FAQ panel. This is the exclusive way of logging into StartSSL control panel. After it, click on the Continue option.

It’s time to check the ownership.

11 Put the domain name for which the certificate has to be made.

12 Hit the Continue button.

13 Pick the verification mail ID, and then click over Continue button.

14 As the verification code appears again, put the code and hit the continue option.

15 Upon being made the verification, you can hit the Continue option.

16 The top navigation options like Tool Box appear on your way this time. As we have to create certificate for authenticated domain, hence click the Certificates Wizard.

17 Pick the Web Server SSL/TLS Certificate option, and hit continue.

18 Now create the private key, and put the key password and confirm.

19 Click on the continue option now.

20 As the private key is made, copy the content from textbox over the notepad and save as ssl.key.txt. Make sure you work with notepad.

21 Now click on Continue.

22 Go with the domain for which you wish t make the certificate and next hit the continue option.

23 Now provide the sub domain name.

Your sub domain name can be random.

24 Next, hit the Continue.

25 Again hit continue option.

As the certificate appears, there might be some errors, but ignore it as you can have certificate over your mail soon.

To have the certificate, visit the Tool Box.

26 Hit the Retrieve Certificate option.

27 Pick the certificate domain, and click Continue option.

As the certificate appears, copy it over text box through notepad and save as ssl.crt.txt.

28 Now visit Tool Box, hit the Decrypt Private Key option.

Put the private key that you saved in ssl.crt.txt.

Now you have to put the passphrase that you used while making the private key.

29 Now  Hit the Decrypt option.

30 Now save the decrypted key in to plainssl.key.txt.

Ultimately we have to download a couple of StartCom CA Certificates.

31Hence, visit StartCom Root CA [PEM encoded].

32 You have to download Class 1 Intermediate Server CA certificate as well.

33 Next you have to deal with both the files. Hence open ca.pem and over the notepad.

You have to open another file in notepad as well.

34 You have to copy entire content of ca.pem file over a new file first.

Next instead of hitting any key, you have to copy the content of over the new file.

It means, you are joining both the files in a single file.

Now save the fresh file over as Ca-Crt.pem.

That’s all about the steps for you. You are having all that you wish from the StartSSL. It’s time to make the entire certificate over the WP Engine hosting.