Overview of Bluehost cPanel

Bluehost is a popular web hosting site which uses cPanel for managing and handling multiple web hosting options. It is of critical importance to understand how the cPanel works for smooth hosting of the website as well as ensure user-friendly control. The cPanel of Bluehost comprises of versatile sections with each taking care of group of links related to each other. Understanding the cPanel is easy but it is required to spare sometime for it.


Understanding the Bluehost DashBoard

The Dashboard is a one stop destination of managing the entire website and a thorough understanding of the same is required for website control. The Dashboard is divided into multiple sections and each sections comprises of multiple links depicted with link name and symbol to make it user-friendly. Let us see step by step sectional arrangement of Bluehost Dashboard or Cpanel.

The first section of the represent is dedicated for special offers provided by either Bluehost or other partners. It includes links like WordPress Themes, Amazon Website Templates, SiteLock link etc and makes offers easily viewable. It also includes any bluehost coupon link for new users. Next Section is dedicated to links link billing system, account add-ons etc and customer support to resolve any problem. Clicking on the support links helps you connect to support agent instantly and also the section helps you track the bills and payments made. Tutorials make a web host site easy to use and manage the website well which is why the third section consists of links dedicated to tutorials.

E-mail Sync and Mail related Links

The next section of the Dashboard consists of multiple links related to setting up of e-mail, link for spam assassin, auto-responders, filtering of account level etc and helps in connecting to e-mail account. By clicking on the Email Accounts icon, the user can set up email by typing in the name and choosing the domain from the simple drag down option. The user can choose between 250MBor unlimited quota of e-mail depending on the requirement and also a password is required. This helps in managing the emails that are connected to the website or domain. With the help of E-mail forwarders you can forward all the emails to one account from multiple accounts for the convenience of mail follow up. Choosing the domain forwarder option one can also forward all emails from domain to domain.

Adding Domains on the Website

It is very easy to add domains to the website by simply clicking on the icon Addon Domains and the best part is ability to add multiples sites under one host umbrella. The first domain chosen at the time of account set-up is the main or top domain and gradually you can add more domains which are called Addon Domains. Option available for adding domain is found under Domain section of Dashboard.

SEO Tools, Security and Files

There is a section that consists of multiple SEO tools for helping in Google Ranking through SEO assistance. It has a link for free SEO consultation for complete guidance. Security section has four links for enhancing the security of the website. Under the files there are icons which help in better file management as well as create backups. The file manager icon under the files section helps in easy upload, edit and managing of files. On clicking the file manager, a pop up box questions about location about opening file manager and you can choose accordingly.

Analysing the Stats

While running a website the most important thing is analysing the stats and tracking the performance of the website. The Logs section of the Cpanel helps in understanding and navigating the stats and gives a complete overview of web page stats. Awstats gives a overall statistics of website performance and by clicking on the latest visitors icon, it is easy to get details of visitors to your website.