Is Shared Web hosting right and Enough for You?

Like starting with a definition, we all know web hosting is basically of three types. Those are Shared, VPS, and dedicated. To be very straight, shared hosting is like a fresher’s option. But, don’t go like a text book bug that a dedicated hosting is meant for business organizations. You should understand the point so that you can get great results through shared hosting, and it is preferred in terms of finance as well.

shared hosting

Shared web hosting is powerful enough for most business sites

Basic Characteristics:

Shared hosting basically means many accounts are hosted through a single server. Now things are quite apparent that your hosting cost reduces by this mean. The kind of service has some impact over the efficiency of a plan. The functional parts those support web connectivity, even the processors, should be owed by the OS as it is important for you. For highly traffic driving sites it is certainly required to have much efficient hardware. The situation becomes challenging when there is another site within your shared server that also drags enough traffic.

Shared Hosting is beneficial in these cases:

  • First of all, you must understand the need of your web presence. In many cases a static page and CMS is enough to do your job. Hence, a shared hosting plan is more than enough for you in these cases, as the size of the data to be presented is much lower to be handled by the server.
  • Don’t stick with the stupidity that high traffic solely means a dedicated server is needed. If the same content is driving more traffic, or if your site presents exclusive useful information that is obvious to drag traffic, then shared hosting is sufficient. Remember, it is all about data fetching.
  • In other case, if you are a new blogger and there is less chance of huge traffic drive initially, but you have to keep on providing contents in bulk, then also shared hosting is recommended for you.

    How secure is shared hosting:

Yes, protection has been always an issue for any business. To be frank, shared hosting is not recommended as tight security type as many accounts are kept over one server. For shared hosting Bluehost is really good option and most important is that you can get discount on Bluehost hosting plans anytime with Bluehost coupons. In case of VPS, much more revamped techniques are applied to distinguish the accounts, and in case of dedicated it is completely separated.

Tips to ensure best security with shared hosting:

Still if you want to stick with shared hosting, or if security is an issue for you for a certain period of time, then there re dedicated services available for it. For example, if you want to conduct an exam, or want a payment system over your web, then you can go with the specialised application providers, or service providers those take the whole responsibility for the confined period. Going with costly dedicated plans is not recommended as high data drive is for a certain days.

Sleek Shared hosting:

In addition, shared hosting is quite easy handle as well. If your business involves updates once after huge gaps, then you really don’t need to go with comparatively expensive options. In fact, you are not straight involved for the server that hosts your site. Hence, your work, and expense gets reduced and you can focus over marketing like stuffs. You can get 50% discount on Bluehost cyber Monday sale. Don’t miss it at any cost.

However, going with shared hosting you must keep it in mind that the service provider should have the dig at your operating system, handling the upgrades, and all those maintenance needed for a server.